The Magic Alphabet

This week, three links for you:  The indefatigable Larissa Kyzer, who translates from Icelandic, is the founder and co-organizer of Jill! which just finished a series of translated children’s books readings, some charmingly produced with visuals. Jill! features women translators working from a multitude of languages.

My Jill! reading of my translation of a flash fiction by Agustín Cadena:

And a link to the journal where the translation was originally published:

Patricia Dubrava translates Agustín Cadena


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8 Responses to The Magic Alphabet

  1. normando1 says:

    Beautiful, beautiful story. I hope this makes it into a larger anthology so even more people can read it.

  2. Andrea Jones says:

    I need a “love” button here, not merely a “like.” The story, yes, but also to hear you read, Pat, and to contemplate your craft of safely shepherding a story like this to a wider audience. Wonderful, thank you.

    • dubrava says:

      Andrea thanks so much. You hit on one of the things I love about literary translation, it provides an important service, to the writer and to the reader unable to access another language.

  3. Katharine Knight says:

    That is enchanting! Big thanks to all the storytellers!

  4. C.M. Mayo says:

    ¡Felicidades, amiga!

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