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Dogs of Whittier

I wake at midnight to dogs barking. Barking in the night is the sound of urban ghetto or rural poverty, evokes the boney dogs of slum backyards and country farms. In film festival shorts we saw last fall, we heard … Continue reading

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Coffee Klatch: A History

Our coffee klatch is chiefly composed of old people these days. Not you, Kyle. But the rest of us regulars. One day DiAnne announced: “I’m married to a 70-year-old man.” I commiserated. So am I. We’ve met weekly at Coffee … Continue reading

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Cherry Picking

Through the breakfast room window, I notice the cherries are ripening. After that I can’t enter the room without pausing to gaze at them. Tart cherries turn a deep, bright red the shade of Marilyn Monroe’s lipstick, glow against the … Continue reading

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The Quest for Quiet

A few truly quiet places are left on earth, places without human noise—a section of Washington State rainforest, for example—but they are places far from roads and flight lanes where I will never go. That’s not what I’m talking about. … Continue reading

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