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Three Weeks

Three weeks. Three weeks since 2.5 million more of us voted for Hillary than him and it didn’t matter. I’ve calmed down since then. I’ve been comforted by a gathering of friends for Thanksgiving, good food and conversation. At the … Continue reading

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Downsizing. I contemplate it often lately. Haven’t done anything. Just contemplating. We’re in the right age group for it. I think of Mary from yoga class. She and her husband sold their Wash Park bungalow, bought a tiny downtown condo, … Continue reading

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A New Chapter

My cousin Charlie, a Nashville musician, was in a new second marriage years ago when he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The new wife, who I never met, packed and left. I thought that was as rotten as it … Continue reading

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Letting Off Steam

My fellow Americans, I don’t care how much you despise Obama’s being black, everything is not his fault. (And he’s half white, remember?) If you listen to conservatives you’d never know it, but, let me repeat: everything is not Obama’s … Continue reading

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