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Skulls and Art

Bishops from Mexico and the southwestern U.S. have united to proclaim that praying to Santa Muerte, a folk figure depicted as a skeleton, is not a good thing and people should stop. Delightful. I found this news on back pages … Continue reading

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Depression Mud

I’m busy. I love being busy all the time so I can bitch about how too busy I am and don’t have time to put my feet up ever. If I could bear to read them (remind me to burn … Continue reading

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Reading Translations

September was National Translation Month and long ago Monique, the local organizer, asked me to read for it. I don’t read much anymore. When I was younger and writing poetry, I read often. After people yelled for a beer in … Continue reading

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Broken Toes

I’d been trying to see why our motion-activated yard light came on. Turning swiftly in the dark, I forget about the heavy hassock and slam my left foot into it. There’s a cracking noise. Pain washes over me like a … Continue reading

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