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Mexico City, Part 2

Roxanna Erdman drives in this crazy city and does it well. She lives nearby and when Agustín Cadena gets to town, she brings him to our hotel—Agustín wearing a bowler hat. We are writers so our gifts amount to book … Continue reading

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México City, Part I

After a long journey begun at 3 a.m., one old people like us shouldn’t undertake, we slept nine hours in our Mexico City hotel. Dark. Quiet. Cool enough to want a blanket. No barking dogs like those that plague us … Continue reading

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Translator Road Trip

Recalling road trips from the good old days, “when we were young and brave in our innocence,” as Phil says, we chose to drive from Denver to Tucson for the conference. As far as Santa Fe, we ran the heat … Continue reading

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Transitions: Several Types, All the Same

Present to Past A year ago this week, I was in Barcelona. It rained relentlessly the three days our high school tour was there. I was robbed in Barcelona, lost my wallet without a clue it was happening: credit card, … Continue reading

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