Whittier Photo Walk

Must be the summer vibe. More of you liked the last post—mainly photos—than any other post I’ve put up all summer. I’ve got essays to grade and essays to write, so another easy summer post for you.  Shots from a walking tour of my neighborhood, the Whittier.

Manual field in progress

Manual High School sits at the center of the neighborhood. The new artificial turf field, in progress and after completion. The end zone reads: T-Bolts.

Finished fake turf

Check it out: a Mexican rainbow flag!

Cool flag

We have three pocket parks along 29th Avenue dedicated to noteworthy black Americans. Fredrick Douglass deserves a bigger park, don’t you think? Maybe the Park Hill Golf Course soon-to-be-a-park, we hope?

Fredrick Douglass Pocket park

My husband, the talented graphic designer Phil Normand, designed the Madam CJ Walker signs. And the famous Whittier Neighborhood poster.

Pocket Madam CJ Walker Park

Dr. Daniel Hale Williams earned his M.D. in 1883, must have been one of the first black men to do so, founded the first integrated hospital in the U.S. in 1891, performed the first open-heart surgery in the country in 1893.

Should be famous Dr. Williams Pocket Park

Sunflowers along a Whittier street. Pray for Ukraine.

Whittier sunflowers: pray for Ukraine

The lily pond is someone’s front yard. Koi and all.

Lily pond with kooi

Whittier is an old inner-city neighborhood and many hundred-year trees have died but people planted more. We have many blocks with trees, welcome shade, cooler temperatures.

Shady walk ahead

I was fond of the vampire barbershop. It’s gone now.

Barber shop, gone now

Cat in dandelion lawn.

Cat oblivious to having its picture taken

Sunset at Manual High School, where we began.

Looking toward the playing fields

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  1. Sylvia Montero says:

    Thank you for that lovely walk! Love Mr. Phil’s graphic design!

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