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Retirement Advice 2016

for Mike Thornton and Gregg Painter After waiting for lawn service that never came Friday afternoon, Phil and I decided to stay in, stream something on Netflix. I was draining pasta when there was a knock at the door. Assuming … Continue reading

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On Prejudice

Listening to monologues my eighth graders have written, I sometimes hear the natural aversion of youth to age. In a catalog of things that bug her, one girl includes how annoying it is to get stuck behind slow, saggy old … Continue reading

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Twelve Minutes in my Mind

I pick up my toothbrush at 9:10 p.m., see the round black scab on my cheek in the mirror, imagine someone asking, and compose a reply: This thing growing on my face was either leprosy or cancer so I showed … Continue reading

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Rabih Alameddine’s Unnecessary Woman: An Appreciation

Alameddine’s main character, Aaliya, is an old woman living alone in Beirut. She begins, “You could say I was thinking of other things when I shampooed my hair blue, and two glasses of red wine didn’t help my concentration.” Already … Continue reading

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