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Letting Off Steam

My fellow Americans, I don’t care how much you despise Obama’s being black, everything is not his fault. (And he’s half white, remember?) If you listen to conservatives you’d never know it, but, let me repeat: everything is not Obama’s … Continue reading

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Blue Skies, Dark Clouds

Walking east past the apartments, on my way to the library, I relished the day: low 70s, a brilliant blue sky, scudding white clouds. When I’d seen the mountains that morning, the high country gleamed with bright first snow, an … Continue reading

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Introvert to Extrovert, The Great Divide

Dear extroverts, I do love you, let’s get that straight at the top. (That means you, Judy Weaver.) I’ve always assumed there was a 50-50 divide between us and have just learned there are more of you than there are … Continue reading

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Why I Keep Falling in Love with People No Matter How Often They Disappoint Me

Because the scruffy guy I was nervous about at the ATM runs to return the credit card I dropped. Because stranded on a frozen subway platform with my daughter, completely lost, I hear a clap of hands. “O.K. where’s the … Continue reading

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