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Broken Toes

I’d been trying to see why our motion-activated yard light came on. Turning swiftly in the dark, I forget about the heavy hassock and slam my left foot into it. There’s a cracking noise. Pain washes over me like a … Continue reading

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Coffee Klatch: A History

Our coffee klatch is chiefly composed of old people these days. Not you, Kyle. But the rest of us regulars. One day DiAnne announced: “I’m married to a 70-year-old man.” I commiserated. So am I. We’ve met weekly at Coffee … Continue reading

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On Prejudice

Listening to monologues my eighth graders have written, I sometimes hear the natural aversion of youth to age. In a catalog of things that bug her, one girl includes how annoying it is to get stuck behind slow, saggy old … Continue reading

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Computer Upgrade Blues

Phil’s upgrading my laptop from OS 10.0 to OS 10.9999 or something. In terms I can understand, from private to El Capitan. I enter the upgrade process with dread. Whatever problems it solves (like stopping those nasty “Alert! We’re not … Continue reading

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