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Musings in the process of translating Manual Para Enamorarse by Mónica Lavín, provisionally titled Handbook for Falling in Love

As in every translation project, many sentences want rearranging, and nice long ones need to be broken up. Syntax, syntax! If you don’t read Spanish, simply note that the following is a single sentence and move on. It doesn’t matter. … Continue reading

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Rabih Alameddine’s Unnecessary Woman: An Appreciation

Alameddine’s main character, Aaliya, is an old woman living alone in Beirut. She begins, “You could say I was thinking of other things when I shampooed my hair blue, and two glasses of red wine didn’t help my concentration.” Already … Continue reading

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Call Them Daesh

Translated to English, what the 21st century’s barbarians call themselves, is “Islamic State in Iraq and Syria,” and hence we get ISIS. They mean to create a caliphate in that territory, no matter what the citizens of Iraq and Syria … Continue reading

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Border crossings

During our stopover in Santa Fe, my only goal was to visit a particular bookstore. Allá is a rarity: a brick and mortar Spanish language and literature store in the United States. It has been on San Francisco Street, a … Continue reading

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