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To Start Over My Life: The Refugees

The Colorado Refugee ESL program at Emily Griffith Technical College serves 2,500 students from 72 countries, speaking 94 languages. I learned this at the training for in-home tutoring volunteers. Fifteen of us fill the class: teachers, retired teachers, students, Peace … Continue reading

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On My Reading, 2016

                                                                        Literature is news that stays news. Ezra Pound Like José Donoso, I’ve learned much about life by reading novels. I read nonfiction and poetry too, but my mainstay is fiction. In stories, I get … Continue reading

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Moments of Sunshine in My Pocket

High school kids pile into an SUV in the DSA parking lot, seats filling quickly. Three more loiter around the open back gate, not wanting to clamber into that cramped space behind the seats. Finally the boy driving has a … Continue reading

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Retirement Advice 2016

for Mike Thornton and Gregg Painter After waiting for lawn service that never came Friday afternoon, Phil and I decided to stay in, stream something on Netflix. I was draining pasta when there was a knock at the door. Assuming … Continue reading

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