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The Five Stages of Grief: Election 2016

Stage One: Denial A trend is developing in the Tuesday night returns. I get uncomfortable. “Let’s turn it off, come back in an hour. It’ll be different then.” An hour later: “Let’s go to bed, wake up and it’ll be … Continue reading

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Spiders and the Election: November 6, 2016

We don’t kill spiders. At least, not when we can help it. Upstairs and down, we keep a spider jar. As I was going to bed last night, I noticed a pale spider on my night table, barefooted into the … Continue reading

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Hillary’s Hair Redux

I wrote “Hillary’s Hair” four years ago, in 2012. Much has changed, much hasn’t. Hillary’s hair is perfectly professional once more because she’s running for President again. There was something in that 2012 essay I didn’t remember: she was among … Continue reading

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Presidential Campaign Delusions

A presidential candidate on the right keeps talking about “making America great again.” When exactly was America greater than it is now? Before the Civil War, when we had slaves? Before 1920, when women got the vote? During the 1930s … Continue reading

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