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On Reading of the Closing of the Next to Last Howard Johnson’s

As a working class girl, I found waitressing more lucrative than being a department store clerk, which I also tried. You could get your working permit at fourteen, a thing my mother took me to do within days of that … Continue reading

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Women and Writing

During the women’s movement in the late 60s, a poet of one name, Alta, asked this question: “How often have we had clean sheets and nothing on sheets of paper?” No internet in those days, no digital journals. Shameless Hussy, … Continue reading

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Moments of Sunshine in My Pocket

High school kids pile into an SUV in the DSA parking lot, seats filling quickly. Three more loiter around the open back gate, not wanting to clamber into that cramped space behind the seats. Finally the boy driving has a … Continue reading

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Retirement Advice 2016

for Mike Thornton and Gregg Painter After waiting for lawn service that never came Friday afternoon, Phil and I decided to stay in, stream something on Netflix. I was draining pasta when there was a knock at the door. Assuming … Continue reading

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