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Moments with People

At Sprouts, a woman and two pre-teens. A boy and a girl, they alternate between picking at each other and asking Mom to buy something. “Mom, Mom, let’s get this.” No, she says. No and no and no. She’s at … Continue reading

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Spiders and the Election: November 6, 2016

We don’t kill spiders. At least, not when we can help it. Upstairs and down, we keep a spider jar. As I was going to bed last night, I noticed a pale spider on my night table, barefooted into the … Continue reading

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On Reading of the Closing of the Next to Last Howard Johnson’s

As a working class girl, I found waitressing more lucrative than being a department store clerk, which I also tried. You could get your working permit at fourteen, a thing my mother took me to do within days of that … Continue reading

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Women and Writing

During the women’s movement in the late 60s, a poet of one name, Alta, asked this question: “How often have we had clean sheets and nothing on sheets of paper?” No internet in those days, no digital journals. Shameless Hussy, … Continue reading

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